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Photos and Notes on install, etc.

Here it is... Someone please hide these from Creeper please!??!?! I have not washed my bike after returning from Tahoe yesterday - perish the thought it is not showroom clean right now, but in the interest of expedient photos... Forgive me Creep, for I have sinned - I have an FCR and my bike has remained in this sullied state for over 24 hours!

So here we go...

There really was nothing to install. I just placed it where it seemed hig enough, but not too high - as well as in a position that seemed to go with the lines and just plain fit...

Turbulence - I read about that too, so I used the rubber "spacers" from skateboard "trucks" (I chose the hardest ones), you should be able to find them at any skateboard shop... This put the shield up off the fairing and I notice no turbulence. You will also notice the clear rubber bumpers at the lower sides of the shield. I did this to increase airflow and to isolate the tiny bit of viberation and ribbing I was experiencing. Bingo! Problem solved!

One other note... The black edging doesn't really serve any purpose as near as I can tell. It was just on my bench so I was playing around and put it on. I did try out Micro Swirl Edging and it displayed no noticable effects (good or bad - so I returned it).

Hope the photos help!

- Michael
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