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the next day i just felt like riding. i did 700 miles and made it to about 100 miles from the mexican border at brownsville. i rarely ride over 70mph but i ran the bike at around 80 for a while. the bike felt fine but my gas mileage dropped down to crap. about 37mpg. next fillup i kept it under seventy and it went back up the usual 43. with the mega tanker on the bike i usually flick on reserve around 380 miles. thatīs with a few more gallons to go.

i slept in my hammock in the woods behind a rest stop in Texas. it was across from the leech field for the septic tank of the stop. the methane hit if the breeze picked up. i had to get the bike across 100 yards of sugar sand over the tank. it ainīt easy riding 500 pounds of bike through that stuff.

i crossed the mexican border at 10. the mexican border isnīt like other borders. they just wave you through. nobody stops you and says ýou need such and such paper or you need to pay this. you have to figure it out on your own. i went through the aduana, got insurance and paperwork.

then i got lost. my map said 180 south left the city. it doesnīt. you have to get on 101 first. a supposed ītravel guideīsaid heīd help me. before i knew it he had hopped on the bike, sitting on my drying laundry, and he guided me through the city. then, of course, he hit me up for money for his free services. dern, swindled on my first day.
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