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i got up the next morning and met the owner of the hotel. hes in his 70s but speaks okay english. 2 of the guys that work for him are my age and they are trying to learn how to speak english. hes diabetic so we sat around for about an hour practicing english and spanish, eating mangos and waiting for him to finish taking his sugar and getting his insulin.

heres the plan we came up with for the moto.

the icm probably isnt the problem but i remember hearing that volkswagen used the same part in some of their cars. so, wed go into town and try to track down that part. install it and see if the bike works. if not, ill have to call the states and get a new bean can sent to me.

we got in his car and went into town. it was great. this is what i came on the trip for. we went to hardware stores, auto parts stores, bike shops and the volkswagen dealership. i never would have gone to regular non-tourist oriented stores if this hadnt happened.

juan, the owner, did most of the talking for me. i told him about the bean can, or lata de frijoles. wed go to a store and hed start talking. most of what he said went over my head but then id hear lata de frijoles id look at the clerk and see them start to grin.

i kept telling him that a bike shop wouldnt have the part but he kept taking me to scooter shops and honda dealerships anyways.

we finally get to a volkswagen dealership. it was every bit as clean and fancy as a store in the states. it seemed out of place. i showed the part to the clerk, they looked it up on the fiche and found it on a mid 90s jetta. 1,800 pesos. just over a $100! not worth it for a part that i didnt know was right and even if it was probably wasnt what caused the failure. ah well, at least they got me the part number.

they gave us directions to a small volkswagen shop. they had the part for about 20 bucks. i bought it even though it didnt look the same.

we got back, i swapped out the part and tried to get a spark. i promptly shocked the crap outta myself. ive never been so happy to have 10,000 volts run across my chest

i reinstalled the plug and the bike fired right up. w00t!

here are the parts

they mount differently, but electrically they must be the same since i just took a ride with my volkswagen jetta ignition system. the bolt holes didnt line up but a few zip ties seem to be doing the job. ya gotta love these airhead beemers.

im going to spend the night here and head out tomorrow morning. i may run back by that shop and pick up another icm. heck, id like to have a spare and theyre cheaper here than in the states.
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