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Originally Posted by vmabuck

I hear so many people say they cannot do this kind of stuff because of family responsibilities and such, which I can understand but it is refreshing to see you just pack those responsibilities on the bikes and head out. Life doesn't stop when you have children, you just bring them along, like my parents did with me and my sister..

Your kid will have some good stories to tell when he is older. Both me and my sister were born on the rodeo circuit. My dad rode bulls and broncs for a living for 16 years not to mention our 3 week trek through Mexico in a shoddy VW van LOL! Ya, we met more people getting stuck in the sand than anywhere else!

I am Lovin this RR already!

And on another interesting note, we lived in Davis for a couple years when I was really young. I think we were there around 1980-82...

And unfortunately not everyone gets it. There are a few hens in the neighborhood that actually took offense to the article. Go figure.....

36 hours til departure....

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