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Brad..just a thought. Heat is one of the enemies of the ICU and you are in quite a hot climate right now. I noticed from your preparation thread that you put the HID igniter right next to the ICU. Is it possible that it could be adding to the heat already there???
oh , i fried the hid 2 weeks after i put it in. i felt like a jerk using that thing anyways. it was blinding. you´re probably right about the heat though. i never got around to changing out the heat sink paste. after 25 years it was a brown mess.

my tach is acting kinda funny now. the rpms are higher than usual and it bounces around me. who cares¡ the bike runs!

thanks for all the offers of parts. i´m not turning them down, i may need them yet

Perhaps you were being sarcastic, but in case not, don't feel like you got taken on your first day in Mexico. The guy who helped you and then hit you up for a fee probably earned his bread that day. As many who've traveled through Central & South Am. know, wealth is relative and right now you are wealthier than perhaps 99% of the folks that you're likely to meet on your trip
yeah i was joking. i definitely didn´t mind helping the guy out. he was standing out there in that hot sun all day. i was glad to make it worthwhile for him. one thing though, he pulled me out of a line of cars. i specifically didn´t get a fancy new bike so i wouldn´t stand out. so much for that! people stare at that bike like it came from the moon.

Okay you got me with that baler twine and bubble gum fix so soon into the trip.
before i had the beemer, i had a KLR

here´s a picture of juan and isidro

juan gave me a long talk about how motos are "cajas de muertes", coffins, and how i should stop riding them. i didn´t disagree with him.

i left the hotel and promptly got lost. i rode around for 3 hours trying to find the highway. i asked a guy at pemex(the national gas station) and got directions.

they sent me into a city where a cop pulled me over. he said motos weren´t allowed in the city. i must´ve misunderstood him. i definitely didn´t misunderstand him when he said he wouldn´t give me a ticket but ´hace mucho calor´ and winked. yeah, he wanted a bribe. i gave him all the coins i had in my pocket and told him "eso es todo de mis pesos". he smiled and took them.

i finally found the right highway. it ran into every tiny village it could find. i´ve heard there are toll highways that avoid all these little towns. i payed 2 tolls and still went through the towns. lame.

i did 250 miles today and only half of that was actual progress south. 125 miles of going in the wrong direction.

i made it to Tuxpan(pronounced toospan). this city is beautiful. i´m definitely close to the tropics.

i wimped out. i got another hotel. if i keep this up i´ll have to change the title. those pics are from the balcony. darn nice for 40 bucks, i´m right near downtown.

it was getting dark it´s hard to spy camp sites here. i´ve slept on powerlines, or behind rest stops or under radio towers all over the states, and canada for that matter, but there´s nothing like that here. also, the trees are big enough to hide behind. the bikes happy in it´s new room though.

here´s the laundry room.

this cool max stuff dries crazy fast. i love it.

and, of course, they´ve got internet.

i´ve been a pretty bad tourist so far and i´ll try to take more pictures. i wanted to get out and see the town but i just ate dinner and i'm tired. maybe in the morning. adios.
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