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Originally Posted by jfn68
What would be estimated top speed of this apex predetor?,wasnt the ktm550 dxc "good" for 125mph tested by dirt bike magazine usa?,anyone who buys these giant 2 strokes gets instant legand status
I had a riding mate that raced a 1990 540 DXC that was prepped for Baja events. It was geared to pull 116 mph (190 km/h near enough) on fireroads/packed sand. It'd probably go faster on tarmac (hence the 125 mph figure that DirtBike referred to maybe?), but at that speed for prolonged periods on asphalt there were other problems to worry about (see below).

I pre-run and rode the thing down around San Felipe and other places in Baja with him on a number of occassions. The accelleration was like nothing else (SE like in some terms, but as it was far lighter and it hit WAAAY harder that the 950 twin... it was much scarier!). Punting this missile around in the open deserts of the Mojave, in Nevada, Arizona or even Baja... I can understand... but to ride it anywhere else (MX track, enduro singletrack), I thought was insane! But he seemed to enjoy it.

In my mind, you could only use a fraction of that power in MOST situations... it only came into it's own on the wide open whooped sections of the SCORE desert race courses... I can only imagine how brutal the ATK/Maico would be with another 160cc on tap!

Oh...? What was the problem with running the KTM 540DXC wide open on the tarmac in the 35 degree plus desert heat for a prolongued period???

The rear tyre would get so hot, that it threw the center knobs off the dunlop rear tyre... one time during a 10 mile blast down an extremely hard pack dirt road south of san Felipé during a pre-run weekend, it tossed one knob straight thru the inner rear guard, through the airbox and into the air filter element. Motor lunched it, locked up the rear wheel in a heartbeat and left a skid mark for near a hundred meters...

He didn't ditch it, but as he was standing up at the time, the decelleration threw him forward - his thighs hit the bars - and he was looking at his front fender, with the rear wheel locked, still doing about 85 mph!

When the chase van arrived the bike needed the barrel, piston, carb, airbox and rear tyre changed. RN just needed a change of riding pants...
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