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Originally Posted by factory
Unless they've really weaved some Maico magic as per the old 490 I can't see this being much chop. Too vibey and heavy on fuel for longer rides, to much grunt, vibes, flywheel, Hp, everything for off road.
Imagine the vibration!! God a >700cc two stroke, you'd be lucky to hold on to it for the vibes. It must have a >100mm bore, therefore a huge slug. Think about it, if it were a 4 cyclinder it would be a 2.8lt. Don't see many 2.8lt 4 pots in performance applications. Too much capacity per cylinder, heavy pistons, vibrations, poor cylinder filling etc. Of the few engines with cylinder capacities this large they need a balance shaft to stop vibes. Apparently the ideal size cylinder (for volume to surface area ratio) and therefore cylinder filling is 300cc as evidenced by F1 3500cc V12, 3000cc V10 and 2400cc V8. Also at that size it will be slow revving and need a heavy flywheel so it doesn't stall - making it hard to turn. There has to be a reason why smaller and smaller bikes are getting more popular for offroad use. A big bore is now a 300cc according to the other sane motorcycle makes.
Yeahbutt... 82hp / 101 kg who cares about all that stuff!
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