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Originally Posted by Butters
In other words, there can be lots of threats on local roads but your reduced speed lessens the chance of serious injury. On the other side, highways have the higher speeds but less external threats. But that middle area - where your speeds are higher but you still have the external threats of city traffic - Yikes.
I agree completely. As an example...I get funny looks wearing all leathers just popping around Norfolk, but my self-policing is that I don't go through the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel in less than full leather (or anywhere my speeds will be over 45mph-ish). All it takes is one bonehead and you'd be very dead in that there tunnel. I know I can't make myself wear leather pants 100% of the time (jacket yes, pants no), but I come to some reasonable agreement with myself as to where I'm most likely to potentially need it, and wear it in at least those conditions 100% of the time.

Boots are another biggie. I won't go anywhere without proper footwear. I twisted an ankle pretty solidly with a dumb drop in a parking lot (getting foot stuck in the still spinning rear wheel) and since then I haven't got on a bike without proper footwear.
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