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part 2

so I head out...

as I said before, if I make the route... I always pick roads that arent so nice. Here is a great example.
I find a "road" that heads sw before you get to Grand Junction.
Escalante Canyon RD.

Escalante canyon

creek crossings...

oh I will go the other way.. got to be better...

such beauty... did it rain here too??

yeah I think it did. So after about 6 crossings, the final one was up to my waist. I dont think the pig could have taken it. So back out I go... just a few hours lost.

But was it lost if it was still a great ride?
I think not.
So I headed back out, made it up to Grand Juntion, and decided to take 70 and get to MOAB.
Well 70 is no fun. So I found another one of my great short cuts with Rabbit creek Rd, take that SW and you will get to Moab. No problemo.
1 little exception. Somehow I got on a different trail. Expert navigational skills I suppose. Rock shelves, and tight trails with big rocks aren't my favorite on the BRP loaded down like the Clampets! I finally made it to water raft road, where I sighed a big relief.
Now about my set up, ortlieb bags, turbo city rack. Personal experience, had nothing but trouble before(should have thought of that) and during my trip with the TurboCity rack, I had to have it welded before I left on the brackets, in moab, on different brackets, jb welded it in western utah, and nevada before it bought the farm. Back to the story. SO there I am wore slap out, riding down Hwy 128 towards Moab when and explosion occurs.
My feet came off the pegs, I felt the explosion all through me, my heart sank. My motor.... crap. Grab the clutch, rev it... .nope still there. Swing the bars, tire maybe? Nope, still good. What in the world? I pull over, and where the racks had broken, my tool pouch had slid over in front of the pipe. C02 blew!!! wow.... ok move the tools!!... whats left of the pouch!
ANyhow.. pics and the colorado river!

it was warm enough, I was wishing I was doing this!

so I found where Fred at Arrowhead was, then went back to get a campsite.

The next day, I got new tires, and my rack welded. I had planned on staying a few days, but there were sooo many people, I left moab at 3:30p.

The scenery was great, all by my lonesome, made me not be so aggressive... kinda!

but its hard to control yourself when its like this.

more later...
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