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transam cont.

part 3
so here we go... I almost ran out of gas near fremont junction. I made it to Emery at 8:10, but the station was closed. Locals told me that the station in Ferron closed at 9. My last reserve came on between there.. and I coasted in on fumes. I stayed there that night.

The next morning I headed back towards fremont Junction and the frontage road along 70.

found the tunnels and a greener day!

The canyons are great, the dirt roads are better!

the irrigation systems were working well!
I dont have a pic, but I was riding along the canals down in this area, there had been frequent "dips" in the road. I saw a sign that said dip. Just a note... they were not exagerating. It was the mother of all dips. I had been just getting on the back and pegging it on the dips. I believe that is where my shock died. I hit that dip, next thing you know, I was looking at my bars from above not behind them. I road it out, but dont know how.

starting out of the valley..

as I headed up the pass, I hit mud, from snow run off.

now I am no mud expert, but I do have some experience wrecking in it. Which I honed my skills more! This is not just regular mud, its granite infused with gorilla glue. When I got to the next town, I spent 35 minutes washing and scraping, and I am not a washer, much less a scraper. I had to take the sprocket cover off and scrape the gunk out with a screw driver. It was that nice.
I am not going to lie, that hill whooped me. It took 3 times to get up it, and getting the pig started huffing and puffing, I was wore out.

I was glad to get the snow behind me... for the time being.

when I finally get out of the hills I am treated with this...

now why is it that doing 70 on the interstate 70 is murder but I can do 80 for 50 miles on this?
leading to this...

The thing I liked the best was that you went into the mountain, then you came to this

to then ride 50 or 60 miles just to hit another mountain.

mine is the only dust!!
its lonely... I start to sing to myself

until my ears hurt!

and those of you that have been know what is coming...

almost to Nevada state line... here it is looking north!

and south

I have dinner at the 'Lectrolux cafe in Baker, then head on.
I set up camp before big spring.

I left all books at home, so I looked at the pics I had taken so far...

the next morning was kinda chilly...
so I got on the road... trail.

this is one of my favorite pics
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