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DAY 2 Dolomiti extravaganza!

I had done my homework, studied, started a dedicated thread on this forum to gather information and read all about the Dolomiti region and I had high expectations… Even after all this, I was still surprised to find out that this particular region is even better. Words fail to describe the feeling you get when riding those high passes, the openness of your horizon, and the awe those vertical rocky giants create in you. The photos are only good for those who have been there before, because the rest will not be able to grasp the majesty of the place.

This is motorbike land, nearly 80% of the traffic is two wheeled, of any kind, in small or larger groups, waving happily at all oncoming bikers, and you can get that zen aura transferred when the opposite direction bikes pass you by: “it feels good to be here”…

The road is as if it was meant to be used by motorbikes, very tight and twisty, with the usual perfect grip, in great condition (even though snow extracting heavy machinery operate on these roads for the majority of the year), I bet the caged passengers will get their stomachs turned after a couple of minutes, but the bike gets a pace of its own, dropping from side to side like floating through the mountains, increasing speed and pace at parts, then slowing down to let you take in the surroundings, the rider is just experiencing this in passive mode, your bike is the boss here..

I am at work now so I will upload photos and the daily report later, but I have a teaser for now, it’s a small video I put on you tube with material shot at that single day’s ride less than 200km. Video is the best way to get a slight idea of the essence of the Dolomiti, but still, the only way to go is to take your bike around the end of May, early June and visit that blessed region, for what will surely be one of the best rides of your life…


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