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The night before the race.

Yeah...I'm 6'1" and 245 lbs....riding a 400 lb. bike, this should be fun .

Getting ready for the start

Starting line,...Mark and Chuck, Where are the umbrella girls??

The race starts at 10am. Dead-engine start standing about 30ft. out in front of the bike. We have a short straight, a 180 degree turn, then a left into the woods across a 2 bike wide bridge. I guess they try to single file everyone right at the start.

I just fall in line, then a big jam-up at a hill just 1/4 mile or so into the woods, I jump off the trail and pass quit a few bikes, hey...KLR's can make trails were there are non .

The trails are just what I expected...sand, rock, and later on seat deep whoops, and roots that'll throw you all over the trail. A reall tight downhill that if we'd been going up it I'd really struggled. The big KLR goes up hills quit well, but a handlebar wide single-track criss-crossing a very, VERY steep hill would have been more than I could have handled I believe.

I ran two of the eleven mile laps, leading Chuck and Mike for those two. . I'm feeling pretty good. I get a big ol drink of water/Pedia-lite and head back out. The third lap now, a few ruts deep enough to drag my feet off the pegs, it could not have anything to do with the KLR's ample ground clearance. Sandy area is getting whooped out prety good, what little mud we had earlier is getting better.

Now on the foiurth lap things turn for the worst at mile marker 8 or so. A pretty bad uphill I get crossed up in a couple of ruts and thrown off teh trail, a small tree, about the size of my forearm, catched inside my left radiator shroud...throwing me down the hill backwards. Now with the bike laying on top of me...I hear a BUZZZZZZZZZZZZ...The tree had smashed the radiator back into the fan. I get the bike back upright and moving again...the fan still buzzing.

About 200 yards up the trail they have a first-aid station set-up. I stop there and begin the repair...a bit of pulling, twisting, kicking, and cussing. Alright, got it. I head back out to complete the lap. I've lost maybe 15 minutes or so, I stop to take a break and check the bike over.

By now it's getting close to the hot part of teh Alabama day, so I decide to take a bit of time and cool off. Eat a bite of lunch.

More later.
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