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thanks for the advice kwight. i may need it.

iīm planning on going through el salvador. more for bragging rights than actually wanting to see something specific though. if something has to get dropped itīll be el salvador.

i got up the next morning and hit the road. i finally found a toll road and burned some rubber.

scenery pics

erosion from where the road was cut through, i think

i hit veracruz, another big city, and spent another hour stuck in hot, bumper to bumper traffic. most cities here donīt have overpasses or bypasses. the highway dumps you in the city. my new strategy for getting through mexican cities is to stop at the first pemex i see and ask for directions. EVERY time i see a pemex, i stop again. i donīt care if itīs two blocks away, itīs worth it to get a second opinion.

veracruz was a nice coastal city though.

i hit some rain in the mountains, not to mention twisty sloping, cracked roads. they were all paved though. mexico may not have an interstate sytem but i havenīt ridden on a dirt road here yet. i donīt expect to see that further south.

i hit a military checkpoint and they pulled me out of a line of cars to be searched. the guy asked me if i would open the boxes. i said īsi! tiene las armas!ī it wasnīt too thorough and they didnīt hold me for more than a few minutes.

i did 400 miles yesterday....but to do it i rode non stop from 10 to 8. thatīs a 40 mph average. pretty crappy considering i hit every toll road i could find. i slept at a truck stop. $20 gets you a darn nice room in mexico

i didnīt eat until i stopped. seriously, not a bite from the time i woke up until after dark. i drank a gallon of water though. i just wasnīt hungry.

i got up the next morning and got my first cup of coffee since coming to mexico. quite a feat for a guy that drinks halfa pot a day. while sitting in bed guess what i saw on tv....

yep! i ended up leaving an hour late on my road trip because i was watching ewan and charlie on theirīs. man i love those movies.

i rode for just an hour this morning and stopped in the first place iīve been meaning to see in the lonely planet guide-- palenque. 1 hour of riding today, nice.

palanque has gobs of ruins. i paid $2 to sling my hammock up, rice and beans and vegetables is a dollar a meal and the ruins are right outside the place.

new invention! a cheap fan at wal'mart and some duct tape gets me a ceiling fan. i fall asleep with the fan on, wake up with dead batteries, and charge them while i ride the next time. this thing is a lifesaver.

sleeping in the jungle in a hammock, man ya canīt beat it.

a real town, and this internet bar, is just 5 minutes away but iīm going to try to stay off the bike. after i get back iīll be stopped for the night and i donīt plan to ride at alltomorrow. iīm really making an effort not to get myself into the īmust make milesīmindset. iīll take a guided tour of the ruins, in a bus, and let somebody else drive. today and tomorrow should cost me less than $10 each, thatīs for food, lodging, everything.

after that iīve got to cover some ground to make it to the border of belize. iīve got 600 miles to go and 2 days worth of insurance left. i donīt want to risk riding without it.

well, adios for a few more days!
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