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Carnegie Desert Raid. Western Australia

When I first heard about the Carnegie Desert Raid, I thought it would be a great opportunity to go and see a little more of this great brown land of ours.
I hatched a bit of a plan then called Colin. Heís not one to knock back the chance to get out for a bit of a ride so it was all systems go.
You can read more about the desert raid here
This report is more about our trip to and from Carnegie.

The pig and the piglet loaded and ready for departure from my place, Thursday 9.00am.

Colin also owns a pig but rather sensibly opted for the DR for this trip.

We headed for Cleary where we would have lunch with friends. This is where we left the bitumen and headed for Paynes Find. At Paynes Find we were greeted with a sign announcing that the servo had no fuel. A few questions and we learnt that there would be no fuel until 10.00am the next day.
This was a problem because we had arranged to meet Belly, who was coming up from Albany, about 150km up the road toward Sandstone where we would camp the night. Colin had enough fuel to reach the meeting point but I didnít so it was decided that he would carry on and I would stay and attempt to scrounge some from a passing motorist. Meanwhile Sam had turned up on her little Yamaha and she also needed fuel to continue on. Eventually we found a passer-by who was happy to help us out and soon Sam was on her way to Mount Magnet and I had Just enough daylight left to make our rendezvous before dark, so I wound the 1150 up and headed for Sandstone.
I only got about 40kís before I came across this old 75/6. This picture was shamelessly stolen from another RR.

They were in need of a patch and some glue as they had had several failed attempts to repair the original tube and their spare tube. By the time I had mended the flat and helped them refit the wheel there wasnít much daylight left but it was a very wide road so I could still make some good progress until darkness fell then it was continue with extreme caution until I came across Colin standing on the road waiting to guide me in to where they had set up camp. Colin and Belly had arrived there within minutes of each other and Kenny had tagged along with Belly from the Evanston road so there were 4 in the camp that night.

Day 2
We got going reasonably early and stopped at Sandstone for fuel, then on to Wiluna. There was already plenty of bikes in Wiluna, most riders were checking out the cafe but Colin, Belly, and I still had plenty or riding to do so we filled the tanks, and a bit extra, for the 500ish kís to Carnegie and headed north. After about 40km of good gravel road we found what we came for.

This is the southern end of the Canning Stock Route along which we would be travelling to Well 9 where we would turn off and head to Carnegie. This end of the stock route was quite rough and windy, probably not much fun in a 4WD but excellent for motorcycles.
The terrain was quite varied and soon opened up a bit and we came to our first sand dune. Not very big but still a sand dune.
Then we found some bulldust.

The stock route has over 50 wells along it. Some have been restored, some have not.
This is Well 3.

We continued on to well 4A where we camped for the night.

Day 3
We got going fairly early again and soon we were at Well 5

Itís a fair way down to the water.

Well 6 has a nice camping area which was well patronised with a 4WD tagalong tour. The pig generated a bit of interest here. Colin and Belly hadnít arrived yet because I was going on ahead a bit so as not to hold them up too much, and the piglet had just had a little rest on the ground as well, apparently.

Thereís a fine looking young man in front of the restored well.

The 4WD party was just about to depart in the same direction that we were headed so we carried straight on so we didnít get stuck behind them.
Some of the ever changing track. It would be a nightmare if it was wet.

Well 8 ruins

Colin at Well 9.

This is where we left the stock route and headed through Glenayle Station to Carnegie.
All our Carnegie pics look just like all the others so I wonít bore you with those. We had a great time catching up with other adventurers and had a beverage or two or three.

More soon.
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