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Day 4
This is where Belly left us and headed for home. Colin and I pointed our machines east along the Gunbarrel Hwy for 150km to the David Carnegie Road. The Gunbarrel was a reasonably high speed blat except for a few sandy corners. The David Carnegie Road was not.

We hit the worst of the sand early. Here it was easier to bounce through the Spinifex than paddle through the sand. It was also just before here that the fat pig wallowed and fell.
It was a low speed fall (about 5 km/h) so no damage, just a bit of grunting to right the fallen pig and we were on our way again.
This is a little used track and fairly over grown.

Also fairly rough in places.

And a little washed out.

A lot of it was like this, Just soft enough to require my full time attention. Lucky the scenery wasnít terribly stimulating. Colin and the piglet made much easier work of this road than I did.

By mid afternoon we had made it to Empress Springs which is a cave with a large cavern which has several small tunnels running from it. Apparently if you go far enough down one of these you will find water. We didnít bother because we didnít have enough light.
This is looking up from inside main cavern.

From here the road improved somewhat for the last 60kís to the Great Central Road, then a short run to the Tjukayirla Roadhouse. We stocked up with some more food and 44litres of fuel each for the 600 km to our next fuel stop. Another 40 kís up the GCR saw us at our next overnight camp. Colinís the man when it comes to finding a decent camping spot. Havenít had a bad one yet.

Day 5

Another 40 kís up the GCR and we were at the turn off to the Parallel #2 Road. This was a bit of a mystery bag as I had not been able to find any info at all on this track, but it turned out not too bad.
A bit rocky in places.

Time to redistribute some weight.

Some of the locals. There are camels everywhere in this country.

Another local.

It wasnít long before we hit the Connie Sue Hwy. Not the busiest intersection you will ever see.

Down the Connie Sue a few kís we came to this

The view from the bottom

An interesting tree growing up and down from itís roots

The view from the top.

The Connie Sue Hwy

Back into sand dune country. A beautiful part of the country and superb riding

There had been some rain through here a few days earlier, and some 4WDís had been over it when it was wet which had compacted the sand a bit and it was an absolute pleasure to ride on. The pig and I were loving it.

We eventually arrived at Neale Junction, where the Connie Sue crosses the Anne Beadell Hwy, So named after the wife of Len Beadell who made both of these roads and many more across central Australia.

At this point you are a long way from anywhere. This, I presume would be a replica of the original sign that Len Beadell put here when the intersection was first established in 1962. I guess the original one would have been souvenired long ago.

Another 30 kís down the Connie Sue and it was time to set up camp again.

More Later.
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