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Day 8

After a big cooked breakfast we wandered out of town a few ks to some fairly impressive rocks

Then it was off towards Menzies to Niagra Dam. The Government built this dam in the late 1800s for the railway and the booming mining industry. It ended up costing nearly twice what it was supposed to and shortly after it was completed a good underground water supply was discovered just up the road at Kookynie so it was virtually obsolete as soon as it was built. I guess the government hasnt changed much over the last century or so.

From here it was off to Menzies for fuel.

If I can just digress a bit here, because Im too tight to spring for a suspension upgrade for the pig, I often bottom it out, particularly the rear. Even when it is unloaded this is a common occurrence for me, and usually I can feel and hear it hit the bump stop. Over the last day we had been on some good high speed gravel roads with the occasional dip here and there. But instead of just bottoming on the bump stop, the tyre was rubbing on the inner guard. This led me to think that the rubber bump stop had finally shat itself or some similar problem. But whilst refuelling at Menzies, the real problem became more obvious. A gap had appeared between the tank and the seat, so a quick inspection revealed that the upper frame tubes had broken on both sides. No big deal. Well just get someone to weld it up and we will be on our way again.
It turns out that the only bloke in town with appropriate skills is out of town for the day, so we cruised around till we came across the shire depot and with the lure of beer, we were in their workshop and on the job in no time.

An hour and a half later we were cruising toward Lake Ballard.
This is where an artist with a difference has installed 51 life sized sculptures, loosely based on the residents of Menzies.

Colin managed to befriend one of them.

From here we aimed our machines toward Perth. Another 150 ks of good gravel road saw us at our final campsite for the trip on the Bullfinch Evanston Road. Time to relax and reflect for it is back to reality tomorrow.

Day 9 was an easy run back to the city. 150ks of dirt and 350 of bitumen through the wheatbelt.

And so ends our 4000km desert adventure.

Thanks Colin and Belly for sharing it with me.

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