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Hepco Happy Thus Far

This is my first set of Hepco Gobi cases and they are doing very well. They are wide, but I haven't had a single issue off road or on road. I did re-enforce the corners with some custom made Carbon Fiber protectors just to keep the corners from getting indented in a flop, although they can been "popped" back out should that happen.

I did drop the bike one time at a low moderate speed and the break away design did it's job. In comparison to the touratech aluminum panniers I've had in the past, they would have been bent and twisted.

I like the single key and that they have a built on handle so they are easy to transport off the bike.


Durability - 9
Capacity - 7
Astetics - 8
Veratility (capabilityto attach other stuff) - 8

Durability - 7
Capacity - 9
Astetics - 9
Veratility - 8
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