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I just installed a 35W VVME kit on my 06 GS last night. Took it for a quick ride at 1:00 when I finally got it all zip tied up. WAAAAAY more light and the low-beam cut off seems as good as it was with the halogen bulb. It is kind of odd to hit the high beam and have it take 15 seconds before you have full brightness, but the VAST improvement in visibility at night will be well worth it I think. The only reflector oddness that I could see is a "halo" of light coming off the low beam that was at the periphery of my field of vision, This appears as a well defined ring of light that shows up in the bushes off to the side of the road continuing overhead, lighting up trees etc over the road. Shouldn't be a problem for prarie dwellers!

Stuffing the OEM headlight connector back into the headlight shell was a pain the ass, I may have to revisit that part of the installation.

As I said I did both high and low beams, and the little post that sticks out parallel to the bulb ends up on top of the bulb in one light and on the bottom for the other. It seemed wierd to me last night, but I guess there is a reason that the lighting engineers wanted that to happen.

Overall I'm happy but I wish I would have purchased the slim ballasts!
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