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This trip has been just what I was looking for. To experience a place like India has always been a dream, something an average guy like me just doesn't do. I've only been here a couple days and it has been more than I expected, in a GOOD way! The deep cultural heritage, the traffic jams, the people, the food, an absolutely amazing experience. The warnings about riding in Delhi were spot on. I have found it o be a "cooperation" of people, versus the rigid structure in the US. Everyone here has an understanding that we are all together, got to make room 'cause there's no more room! About the only thing you adhere to are stop lights. Lanes, speed, direction... usually depends on volume and diversity. Everything from push carts, to drawn carriages, o cars, trucks, bikes, scooters, people, animals... all vying for space - and getting it.
I thought I was prepared for the heat as well. Shoulda hit the sauna alot to prep better. Drinking alot helps, and the mountains will be MUCH cooler.
Leaving EARLY tomorrow for Minali and the hills. Pics coming, thanks all for checking out the report, the best is yet to come!
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