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Where we riding to?
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Thanks for helping out a fellow rider, scary crap to watch it happen. We saw a wreck of our own today.

Enzo Ferrari
From zero to sixty and back to zero in 2.5 seconds! From $1.5 M to $0 in one second...

We were in Okanagan Falls, BC just stopped for a break on a ride when a Ferrari rolled through town, not just any Ferrari, but an Enzo, red of course. Well here's what the Enzo looked like 10 minutes later...

YouTube - Enzo Ferrari burns in Okanagan Falls, BC

We rolled past and walked back to the scene. Jodie stopped and asked a man walking along the road if he knew what happened. He said "Yeah a guy was driving his Enzo Ferrari, it caught on fire and he jumped out." Jodie said "We saw that Ferrari drive by us in OK Falls, is the guy OK?" He said "Yeah, I'm the guy!" Then Jodie was struck speechless and said "I'm sorry"

The whole time he's not really looking at Jodie just texting furiously on his phone. He then went and sat down on the side of the road beside his duffel bag, all that he had left.

Oh and extra points for Rob if he can guess which province the car was from?
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