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what a ride!

So I hope no one was looking for me, I hit the slab back to south shore.
I had a great ride. If this happens again I'll be needing modern machinery!
There was a couple times I couldn't make out the boulders for all the dust, but I missed all the big ones.
The poor little avenger was gasping for air. When we came apon the Leviathan mine road on 89, I looked up and saw the repeater station...
I thought, "oh no even higher!" (gasp)

So Robert was low on you had to reload his tank. I was beginning to worry when Markleville looked like the station wasn't open so I cruised right on through. Stopping to look inside the tank at woodfords...not much gas left!
The sign at the 88-89 juntion said Tahoe 26 miles. I thought no trouble, even though I had gone on reserve. Heading down the other side of luther pass the motor went buuuwaaaa...(petcocks at rear of tank, going downhill=no gas in carb)
But there was still some gas in there. Just in case, I pulled the plug and checked for spark...that was good.
So next the old limey trick of laying the bike over on it's side till the footpeg folds. Now the last gas is over on the reserve side of the tank! But I didn't want to use it yet! Figured I'd bump it after coasting as far as I could. Got all the way down to santa claus lane @ Meyers city limits and came to a stop.
This time it started first kick and off we went all the way to that chevron station near the inspection station. So all was well and I headed back for SF street in SLT.
But I already had it in my head that I shouldn't punish the little museum piece 2 days in a row. I loaded up and drove home. No need to push my luck, as this was a fine ride today.
(you ride a tinker with it...ride a little more)

You guys have a great ride tomorrow. Nice meeting all of you.
This was a very rewarding adventure for me.
Thanks tahoeracer for the push start in Holbrook.
Thanks Mrs tahoeracer for shouting out about the morning coffee.

I rode 110.8 miles
The total motor run time was 3 hours 35 min 43 sec
max speed 61.2
max engine temp 217 f

Since I made the triumph street legal I have 183.34 hours in the saddle.
I broke the 5,000 miles barrier while coasting down the grade off luther pass.
Who knows how much time and miles are on it all those years with a green sticker!

What a ride!
too many...
I have completely lost count

and here's my channel...
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