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Originally Posted by bush pilot
Had a significant mechanical failure while on I-90 just outside Big Timber MT.

Just after going over some rumbly pavement my rear got all soft and swishy.
I pull over.... flat rear tire.

We begin to dig in to the prob.
I have all the spares and stuff.(tubes ect)
As we're digging in fellow adv rider "drew" stops on a nice KLR.
I'd just replaced my tires and tubes in MN!
The "heavy duty" Kenda tube failed at the valve. The valve simply separated from the tube. What a piece of fucking crap!
Anyway thanks to being prepared and the grace of a fellow adv we were back on the road lickety split.
I hope all is going well with your ride. It was me, Dread (remember the hair, at least while I still got it) that stopped and helped you out. I think you should still stop in a motorcycle shop and replace that duct tape with bona fide rim liner stuff when you get a chance. Good luck on your ride and I'll be keeping tabs on you guys in this thread!
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