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So it's been hard to find time to work on this but I knew that would happen so that's why I sent the parts off that would take time - I knew I'd have it whether I liked it or not.

So two weeks ago I got the frame off the engine:

This just looks pathetic - like the sorry sort of project that shows up in the classifieds - "complete bike - ran when last together":

Such a filthy mess. This was once a new bike - what have I done? Once the frame was off I was basically screwed so I gathered everything that looked scratched or sad and loaded it into a box and took it up to Perfection Powdercoating in Pearl River NY - they've done my stuff for 10 years now and they always do a fantastic job.

While the parts were away I tried to do some cleaning of the engine which sucked since the outside covers were gone (being powdercoated black) meaning it was hard to keep dirt out of the engine. I've resigned myself to several immediate oil changes once it's together to make sure that I've flushed it all out but for the most part I was able to keep it clean.

I haven't cleaned the hoses yet but it's much cleaner, trust me:

I got the stuff back from powder and it looks fantastic and now starts the process of "Oh, crap, I forgot to order xxxxx and I can't put xxxxx back until I get this bearing/spacer/bolt/cover whatever". I've done this enough to know this will happen but not enough, I guess, to prevent it from happening. So I can't put the engine on the frame because I didn't catch the notched steering head bearings (while it's apart...) and I lost the bushings for the center stand so now I'll have to wait for them to arrive from Munn.

So today I sat down and started cleaning - it's time to face the disaster on the floor. It reminds me of the dishes after a party - the size of the task seems overwhelming but you just have to sit down and start with some small and manageable part and once you get some momentum going it's not so bad. That's what today was: cleaning dirty parts in the sink with a brush and then again with plastic cleaner. I didn't get to the wiring harness yet but I did get a lot cleaned and organized. This side of the lift is clean and that side is left to do:

Woody got my wheel back in nothing flat with a new wider 17"x5" rear rim, SuperPlush got the suspension back and RTT got the damper back. The only thing I don't have is the seat and it's only because James sent me his sample collection and I'm overwhelmed at the choices. I gotta do that soon or I'll have a new bike with no seat!

I'm still on the fence about paint. Seems a shame to do all this work to just have it look the same as 4 years ago (but more black) but then again summer is rapidly vanishing and I'm down to one bike that runs. Chris thought I should paint it black and Todd added, "with orange flames..." and now the gears are turning...

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