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Heavy Rain - My GS stalled !

Oh my god - my worse fears are about to be realized. The "go anywhere" and "do anything" combat touring motorcycle didn't make it back form the first storm of the season. BMW's F800 GS does not run in the rain.

OK - if you want to be ready for rain you should go out and practice before you're a thousand miles form home. So the clouds rolled in and I went for a spin. The rain was very hard and it came down in buckets. I was traveling along in traffic when the tach goes to ZERO and I'm rolling down the road at 40 mph. I gently slipped the clutch and the compression almost cause a high speed skid so I rolled to the side of the road to get out of the way of all the cars and trucks.

At first the engine would NOT restart and I sat in the rain for a long while - in a complete state of shock and dismay. It eventually restarted but ran very rough all the way back.

I ran my Honda 750 in the rain - the 919 was never bothered and the VFR ate up miles of interstate in thunderstorm after thunderstorm on my last tour - high speed touring with torrential wind driven RAIN for hour after hour. My rain gear worked and so did my motorcycle!

Today I was stuck on the side of the road five minutes from home - some %$#*ing adventure type guy am I. FIRST TIME EVER. The most expensive bike I ever bought and it won't run in the rain. Ten minutes into a storm and the party is over!

Anyone want to comment?
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