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Getting there

Well after much debate, packing and repacking were off. The “crew” (minus one who has already left to prep his ride) as planned to meet where “Pimpdaddy” has a vehicle large enough to haul this group with all the appropriate ATGATT, electronics, and paraphernalia to wherever we end up.

Ha, Is this thing big enough, “what no A/C (doesn't anybody know it's 90+ out here! Well there is no AC on my R11S...), windows lifts broken, shocks broken, sardines have it better! But somebody has to drive and a navigator has to sit up front, hew! Well anyway we only have to cram our chauffeur in to drop us off at the airport.

Flight might be long but with this crew, somebody had to supply us with amusement, Pimpdaddy started out by setting off some type of alarms, TSA, yanked his helmet bag aside, and shuffled him into the “plexi-box” for a more extensive search. Grinning “why me”.

Off to Charlotte for our connecting flight to the UK.
Eventually cruising at approx 577 mph at a Garmin indicated 37,000+ ft

Kumar greets us on the other side of customs with his placard “Louisiana Motorcycle Instructors” (whose idea was that?). Waiting for “Tubastew” to rent a mini 4 wheeled contrivance ( due to recent back surgery his doc told him 'No-way!”) and not wanting to be left behind. He soon emerges with some sort of lil Vauxall. Off to get our rides......Kumar of course proceed down the motorway making good progress. Not that any of us are complaining as he passes another Mercedes....

Ahhh one 2 wheels again, yours truly on a new BMW F800GS, Pimp-daddy on a BMW R1200 RT (sorry no “lead-sled”), Kim gets the Suz 650 V-Strom, Ms Bling-bling on the Suz SV650S w/ soft bags., and the “Boss” riding pillion w/ me (she really misses her F650CS but she get photo duties and gets to remind me what side of the road we are supposed to be on.

Kim and Ms Bling quickly wake up after navigating the first few round-abouts and having to detect threats from a different direction.

Out into the English countryside, I'm for a change riding caboose for this ride while Slarto.. leads.
Pretty soon there are the inevitable cars in the mix as we pass but I can see Kim and P-D's neon jackets in the distance, THEN...... while following a little Citroen (3-4 seconds behind him) I spot a blue BMW driven by some woman approaching from the left at the next intersection, doesn't stop! Moving to turn right immediately in front of the Citroen in front of us!. Breakkkkk. Smash the Citroen broadsides the Bimmer.......HE careens left over the curb while the Bimmer spins a bit and goes backward across the road. Pull over to check out injuries, The Citr driver has blood on his forehead and looking shocked, others start stopping, Call for an ambulance and police. The women in the Bimmer appear surprised but otherwise un-injured (side airbags deployed in the Bimmer must have done their job well)

Within 5-10 minutes the “colorful” ambulances, fire dept and Devon-Cornwall police are on the scene. Citroen driver is on the stretcher. Slardo has by now realized we were not behind them and has returned looking for us. Description of the crash given to the Devon-Cornwall PD and we are off...What a day and we are just getting started...
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