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We had our breakfast and then started to carry our luggage back to the bikes, and just before loading them back on the bikes, we realized once more that 4 bikes can carry A LOT..

We payed for the room (35 euros per person per night) and enjoyed our last km in the Dolomiti region.

We passed Bolzano, which appeared to be a relatively big city, and got back on the smaller and quieter roads towards the north entrance of the Stelvio.

The weather was once again phenomenal and as the first road signs pointing towards Stelvio started to appear, I was filled with anticipation, as I thought that we would reach the top of the famous Alpine pass.

At the next gas station we were informed that the pass was still closed, which was a bit disappointing (ok a lot), and I was surprised to see that in this region the locals speak Austrian (well, German) among them and Italian is not widely (and correctly) spoken. Our official Italian fixer and co-traveler (Mr Sweet feet, who had studied in Italy) was no longer able to understand very well parts of the conversation.. I’d like to add another piece of information, we had seen signs in the Dolomites stating that the Bolzano region is an autonomous region (Sud-Tyrol is the name, it is the 4th photo above), and all the road signs have both German and Italian names (which are sometimes completely different). I don’t know the story behind that and I’m still wondering so someone from Italy or Austria can tell us what’s the deal with that matter…
Anyway we started to ride Passo di Resia and stopped for coffee near the border on the Italian side, at a wonderful village near a lake, called Curon Venosta.

Shortly after that we entered Austria and stopped again at the first gas station to buy the Austrian vignette (4,40 euros for 10 days).

The road was perfect again, sparkling and letting you know that it wouldn’t fail you, the scenery nice, and not before long, we reached our hotel which had been booked by another friend who was heading for ITT with his group only one day ahead.. The hotel was in Mutters, it was lovely, 15 minutes outside Innsbruck and cost the usual 35 euros per person..

We unloaded (again) our side cases, had a quick shower, and went out to check out the city. We took the hotel’s owner advice and went by tram, which proved to be a good choice. The tram travels downhill towards the centre, offering a spectacular tour at the passengers, and it’s really scenic and relaxing…

We had a first walk around the city, took some photos and sat at a restaurant, where we were joined by the other group of friends.

After that, we all went to a very nice bar called 360 which is at the top of a new mall and has spectacular view of the city, we would have never found it as it is well hidden for a tourist, but, as this friend frequently travels through the region, he had discovered it and was definitely worth it…

We grabbed a beer and took the tram back to Mutters, half asleep and exhausted by another fantastic day on this trip..

Next up: The mythical Grossglockner and arrival in Salzbourg…
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