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Originally Posted by DRONE
Kathy and Richard are not pleased with me because I'm attaching the bag directly to the plate. The bag is supposed to attach to a "Starr IV" base pad and then the base pad is supposed to attach to the plate. But the Starr pad has an extra 1/2" of flop built into it and I didn't want the bag moving around that much. Not to mention that the Starr pad is completely incompatible with the TT plate. They offered to swap out the bottom of the bag for a non-Starr type, but I don't like the strap arrangement on that other bag either.

I designed my new plate to be a perfect fit for this bag with slots in exactly the right place. The slots in the TT plate are a little wrong so maybe they put a strain on the velcro. Now that I got my new plate the next couple of rides should give me the answer. Nevertheless, there are various kinds of velcro-some more aggressive than others-and I think this bag needs something more aggressive.
I'm sorry to hear that Kathy and Richard don't want to help you with your solution, but want you to accept their solution. Not exactly the way it's supposed to work ...

There are beefier kinds of Velcro which might work. There's also Fastex buckles. I used to worry about my BMW sportbag launching, but have learned to trust the buckles.

Keep us informed! Thanks!

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