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I like the look/idea of these tanks.

The GS800 is on the very short list of bikes I am thinking of. I need a bike for ocassional 2 up (long weekend type trips of moderate pace) and long distance solo.

I am planning a trip in a year with my father (he'll be celebrating his 70'th B-day, me and the 40'th) and as he rides a Goldwing, I like knowing I can go a long way on one fill up.

As others have said, if you don't want/need that much fuel, don't fill up that tank. A few fuel cocks, and you can control which tank you use. Close off the stock fuel cell and use all the fuel in the "spare" tank first, then when you get to the dirt, finnish of the extra fuel and then switch on the stock tank. Easy peasy...

I'll pay 1300. If it fits right. I don't need them to paint it...
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