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I took on lead navigational duties and successfully navigated us in to a rather nasty set of dunes, soft, soft fesh fesh with some really nasty vertical drop offs. Below is my first technical laydown captured on camera. The humidity masking my shame

Soon into this dune set and my front wheel washes out and I am miraculously lie flat out on my back on a dune slip face with the bike on top of me. Petrol pissing on to my legs and boots. Marcel helped me right it, and off we goes. My leg felt a distinct burning sensation. As soon as we reached a flat area we stopped.

A fine set of pins being washed of petrol.

Answers on a postcard if you can guess what's going on in the picture below

Soon after this picture was taken we gets out on to the beach for a stunning 30 oddish KM’s of beautiful easy riding taking in some spectacular scenery.

We then entered in to the big dunes in search of the 8th Wonder of the World. The dunes are huge with no vegetation on them. They are interspersed with very steep and large near vertical drop off’s. Soft sand blown by the continuous winds often lies on the tops of these magnificent drop off’s. Too much speed approaching a drop off then you will become Superman, to little speed and you become Spazz Man. Below is how to make a complete Bollocks of it.

You can see the back wheel buried in to the soft soft sand. The wind pattern on the sand denotes very very soft stuff.

Above the bike is positioned for a correct roll off from the top of a very steep drop off.

This one must have been a 60 or 70m drop off. If you look closely in the picture below you can make out the tracks at the bottom of the dune, these help to give some perspective.

These dunes are really stunning awesome riding. Probably not that many people on our planet have had the pleasure to adventure in these, I felt a right lucky and privileged git.

We rode on and on, temperature was warm but o.k. as we were continually moving. More stunning dune scenery. We stop for a break to take on some energy by eating.

More to follow shortly.......

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The 8th Wonder of the World Discovered in Oman:
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