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Originally Posted by Helmet Head
No, I hear you. I'm sure overall the build quality is good on the Braille and that my DOA was a fluke. I wouldn't be complaining at all about the battery itself, it's just the customer service that sucks. They've had multiple chances to sort this out and have consistently come up short and displayed a total "I couldn't give a fuck" attitude. What good is a one-year warranty if they don't actually stand behind it? I just hope your battery never fails, because it's apparently impossible to get them to actually replace it.
at least they are consistent.... I spoke with the owner, then I spoke to the main sales guy regarding pricing and some other stuff. Got two different stories and when it really came down to it, what I got from the sales guy, who indecently told me not to talk to the owner about prices, said "I'm giving you more of a discount than you deserve". Ya, from the sales guy when I let him know that $.01 profit margin was just not going to cut it on the B106. So I'm thinkin WTF? I'm not asking you to give it to me and sure, more volume usually equals better pricing structures but rude pretty much flippant attitudes are what I received. Based upon that experience I decided to not carry their batteries. I am sure that the batteries are top notch, personally running one right now and I can attest to its abilities so far as very positive, however if I can not be backed up by the supplier I am not stocking any of these for now until/if things change with their CS.
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