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TouringDave, the tanks we have fitted are Acerbis 26L Tanks. They are perfect for this type of riding.....not to many places to tank up on this route

Back to the story...We conrinue on and on in the wonderful unspoilt dunes. Magnificent riding, temperture now rising quickly as it apporaches 10:00hrs.

We visit Very Big Huge Dune and make our way to the historic resting place of one of Oman's ancinet relics.

On the way to the location we pop out on to a gravel road. Marcel is someways behind. Grumps goes over the windrow, all I see are two feet making a perfect summersault over the bars. I frantically race for my camera to record the event......but Grumps was up on his feet dusting himself down. Life is just not fair sometimes. Off we go, on, on

Grumps discovers his long lost love and immediatley dismounts to greet her....

I rush over to meet Landy for the first time

A true wonder of the world, she has lay here for many years untouched. The picture below when she was four years younger....

Left alone to be consumed by the desert.

Grumpy in 2005 when he conquered her for the first time, and yes readers those are pink trousers which still see the light of day, unfortunatley................ today

Marcel with Landy

Grumps riding over what's left of Landy

After bidding our farewells to Landy, we'll probably need a metal detector to find her next time We head off back down toward the beach for making our way back, we'd done 120K's over some big big dunes so quite a ride to get back an out of the what would be hideous temperatures by midday. The ride back was the absolute "dogs bollocks" so, beautiful scenery and pictures to follow shortly......

Offroad Riding - Lap of Oman for Mary 2008:

The 8th Wonder of the World Discovered in Oman:

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