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The last objective for the ride was to get up on to the big white dunes hugging the coast line. These make for some fantastic photo opportunities with the stunning scenery. First we had to get up on to the dunes.

You can see the dune set just at the top of the beach

Grumps went at it first, he nearly made it but had to come down and make a second attempt. I also had to make two attempts, pictured (thanks Marcel ) The sand was so soft

When I stood up in the sand to right my bike, I sank to over my boots, the sand was just streaming down, a really weird feeling. I get's down and then take anopther run at the dune, 3rd gear, gentley opening the throttle I make it up. Just too much throttle and the back end digs right in.

Marcel after watching us parctice make it up in one attempt.

We then proceeded to make some more shots in this stunning area. Some enlargements will be made and printed to be hung in the respective riders down stairs toilets. One will be going to Mellor in China as well 'cos he can't do ridin like this there

After this we get out of the dune set and start winding our way back to Mahoot. Thankfully there was still a slight breeze which we were riding in to. The track was on salt flats but very boring. We opted to straightline it cross country to Mahoot. 35K's in to this we realise it was not a fab idea as the whole ride in was over tiny sand dunes and camel well it wasn't to bad. We pop out in Mahoot at 12:30, now that is a miracle and wonder of the world as we never ever seem to ride a route as planned

We load the bikes up, get changed and then head home. A curry stop made to brake the boredom up.

Some shots from the way home...

Above us back arriving in Muscat

Marcel' self portrait of his bike using his hands free camera

Well thats all folks. We all enjoyed oursleves immensley, a stunning ride out in some fantastic biking country.

Nearly 900km's (150L) of fuel for my car, 26 litres in each bike and I got change out of 25 Euros. Now where else can you have this much fun, riding in areas that have no boundries or restrictions and get change out of 25 Euro? It is the 8th Wonder of the World!

Hope you enjoy reading the report and seeing the pics half as much as we enjoyed riding it.

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