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Stalling - NO Rain riding!!

My bike, which has 1300 miles on it now has had stalling issues with NO rain involved. Been riding about 70/30, dirt to street.

First time was with approx 300 miles on the clock. Happened after a bout 3 hours high up in the mtns, over 8500 feet. It would cut out in 1st or second at low/idle RPM's. Then, when I tried to start it would instantly die. Had to rev the RPM's and drop in in first to get going.

Took it in for the 600 miles and they said, "weird". They re-set the "adaptations" saying I probably messed them up when I rev'ed the engine to start it. I had to pay for this.

Now, 1300 miles in, and I'm having the same thing, but worse and more often. Only happens after I riding for a few hours, which always ends up being over 8500 (I live in Boulder, CO). It would just cut out all the time, especially after I shut it off for a few minutes. Would be really hard to start as well, jut cut right out. Caused me to drop the bike on pavement once, which was a total drag.

Let it sit in my cool garage for a 2 hours once I got home and the same thing, sputtering and then cut out in neutral.

Obviously I'm gonna call the dealer, but anyone have any suggestions or thoughts?

Thanks in advance!!

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