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Day 8 - CapoMania!

For most of the participants that Sunday was the end of the journey, and all that was left was the sad task of bringing the bike home, wherever that was. You all know you how that feels, even if your home is still 3000kms away, the “good” part is over… For me and my companion, however, that was not the case.

We had planned for an extra week off, and we still had 5 more countries and 3 capital cities to see before getting back home!! Most Greeks, as I mentioned earlier, had two intense days of riding, before boarding the ship from Ancona to sail to Patras. Only a handful of bikes would visit Prague before heading back to Greece from the mainland, but we had a different plan (which will unfold in the following daily reports)…

Back on the story, today’s breakfast had a bitter-sweet aura. Every couple of minutes, people were saying goodbye to new and old friends and were getting on their heavily loaded bikes to start the journey home. Me and Yani (capo, from now on you’ll be expected to assume that) were in no hurry. We had no particular plan but to reach Athens by next Saturday and have a relaxing day off before going back to work. We saw all other groups head off, said farewell to all our friends, and sat for another lazy cup of coffee at the large central balcony.

At some point we decided it was time to leave, we said goodbye to the last Dutch who were also slowly preparing to leave, got on the bikes and started the second part of our adventure.

It was just the two capos now, and the rule was simple: enjoy the ride.

We crossed into the Czech Republic from the same border station we had the previous day, only this time we stopped to buy some tobacco as we were running dangerously low. We got going again, fresh and relaxed, as the weather was once again our ally. The road was getting increasingly better, and the best was yet to come.

We stopped again briefly near a lake, took some photos and went on.

We got to a point where the tarmac was brand new and spotless and the twists just right, surrounded by beautiful scenery. Suddenly the number of bikes on the street increased and we knew we were at a bikers’ favorite route. We let the capos do their thing once again, and we were rewarded… It’s all a haze, but I think that this area was somewhere near Jindrichuv Hradec, if any Czechs are reading tell us about it, it was a lovely bike ride.

We stop to refuel with 300kms on the clock and still one bar on the fuel meter. Now that is pretty rare for a capo, since we were not riding slowly, but we didn’t pass 120km/h so that kept our consumption pretty low.

We made another stop to grab something light to eat just before the Brno racetrack, at a restaurant-hotel (motorsport hotel), and headed for the highlight.

We missed the entrance on the first pass but after a u-turn, we found the right way in. It is hard to explain to someone who’s not into it what an official motoGP racetrack means to us, but I bet most of you can see the whole picture… I’ll let the photos do the talking here…

Charged up by what we had experienced, we left for downtown Brno to look for a hotel. We first went to the castle as it was shown as the center on the gps, took some photos there and then after some asking around, we booked at the Slavia hotel at the center for 90 euros a double.

We took a shower and went out only to realize that it was a bit late and, since it was Sunday, the place was especially dead… What was shocking was the behavior of the locals; nearly half of them wouldn’t even stop to look when we asked for directions or help. I remember in Prague this wasn’t the case, neither on the countryside, so I still don’t know the reasons but Brno was the most unfriendly city we visited.

We ate a burger across the rail station (all restaurants were closed, I miss Greece blahblahblah), went for a beer at a pub called Charlie’s and we got to the hotel and agreed that we would leave after a morning coffee at the main square (we had an extra day to spend if we felt like it was worth it).

Getting to sleep wasn’t hard, as usual, so soon we were peacefully snoring and dreaming about how that racetrack will be come August…

Tomorrow, a pleasant surprise, Bratislava…
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