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I work in a gear shop and have started to really think on making some changes but need a guiney pig as I'm not dumb enough to try this on my own bike.
first..I see the 5th gear has a 18 tooth final with a 22 idler. If I make a set of say 16- 24 gears for fifth it would be like having an over drive right? just a big jump from fourth to fifth. who really uses that range to much in criticle spots anyway? most of the time it's 2nd, 3rd tops off road and 5th on road. 4th is just there to get to 5th right?
would that be such a huge jump that it would bother people?
I need to ask the gear guru's at work what the ratios and how much of a bitch it would be. Cutting the blanks, hobbing the gears. pulling the splines, milling the dogs, getting it heat treated (in house) it really isn't hard just time consuming.
AND I need real specks. not just pictures in the cheasy parts book. A spare set would be sweet ...then I could have them in hand and have the Engineers draw up real prints and look at making a few sets.
Really. I'm gonna ask at work and see If I can get a price on doing them.
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