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Originally Posted by StephenB
Ah, mine's still on 2 turns (factory) with stock springs and spacer cut to length per instructions ... you couldn't have any sag, you're lighter than me if I recall (I am about about 210 give or take). I am running 7.5wt ... IIRC.
Remember the 2 turns in the instruction for the bike the 'valve was designed for... and in the case of the the ones used in the GS that would be a Harley or Metric Cruiser...

That means the 2 turns is for a heavier bike with much less suspension travel (as least I think that is what it means).... and that leads me to conclude less pre-load(and/or a softer spring) would make the 'valve work better on a GS
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Originally Posted by Stagehand
your bike is suitably dirty. Well done.
So I sold my GS and went shopping for a G/S!
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