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Originally Posted by 99WFO247
Hello all...first time reply.
I got/used some really good info from this thread thanks Ned. I too just unwrapped an 09 530 EXC. Bought the 08 530XCRW 18 months ago. Huge step up from WR450. That KTM is at home in the desert.
Did the 14/48 ratio (no chain work).
Did the jet kit
Did the billet end cap on stock canister
Did the clutch cylinder gaurd
Did the scotts stabilizer
Did the Acerbis 3.4 gl
Did the folding mirrors "Moto Science"
All the enduro goodies...gaurds, bags, flush mount blinkers, gps, side plate aux fuel tank this tank requires modified mounting brackets for 08-09
Love these bikes!

Locktite all suspect fasteners boys! I have caught several fasteners on both 08 and 09 ready to or fallen out.

We've done 2 dual sport rides, 100 miles each. The magic button sure is a plus on the tight stuff. Not very comfortable on the road. Need to get the wheels balanced.
There is a trick cam chain tensioner that eliminates the cold/low idle slap noise.
My chain guide also drags (seems like the sprocket size change was when I noticed heavy drag) need to look closer.
A rear sprocket bolt was perfect for the kick stand fix.

I did the 14/48 setup also and noticed heavy drag. It has now loosened up considerably. I use the KTM Al/St rear and it has rivets holding the steel teeth to the Al center and they are what was dragging on the chain guide. I assue there is a nice groove worn in the chain guide now. Have the JD kit installed with extended mixture screw, DT Cam chain tensioner and it is running great. far.
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