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Originally Posted by Swampy
You may be refering to my story. I met a fellow LC4 rider who decided to add the sixth gear. If I recall correctly, it went like this: Since case clearances don't really allow for a gear physically LARGER than 5th, they took an RFS gear SMALLER (fewer teeth) than the LC4 1st gear and installed it below 1st and adjusted the final drive accordingly.
In other words, you now have a "shorter first" gear so the final drive can be adjusted to make 5th gear more highway style. The only problem was that the interval/space between 1st and 2nd gear was very "close" since it is not possible to go too much further down below the existing 1st gear in teeth. Therefore, first and second feel "closer" in ratio than say 2nd and 3rd or 3rd and 4th etc.. I know they used this bike as a serious off-road abuse bike and apperantly there were no real issues other than the "closeness" of 1st and 2nd. In this manner the final drive was geared TALLER but, they still had a good dirt worthy 1st and 2nd albeit "close". This guy definitely did this too his bike but, I never got to ride it to sample the effect. AMEN
Yup, that's the same story I heard. And I would be interested in doing this as well. I only lower my gearing because I want a lower first gear, so this sounds llike just the ticket. I could leave the stock gearing and still have my tight woods gears for playing. I would guess that at minimum you'd need the gears, shifter forks, and a new shifter drum.

Anyone got any search tips for tracking this down?
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