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Originally Posted by meat popsicle
Thanks Swampy,

One other question: was that all talk about a new LC4 model (not sold here) with a 6-speed? If it wasn't then maybe Dagwood could use the specs for that tranny; I would think that they would not change the overall size of the tranny in the LC4 as retooling the production line is expensive right? Better to shove it in the existing space?
It must have been propaganda or rumor because the official KTM specs still list the new bikes as 5 speed tranny. I read on some other thread that one rider ran into some KTM officials while riding and was lamenting the demise of the LC4 Adventure in the USA and they claimed to be working on getting some over here and said that any dealer could order them!! Although, at the current exchange rate, I'll believe it when I see it....
( a $10,000 Dollar LC4)....Glad I bought when I did.

On another note....I believe the other reason they went with a shorter first gear on the 6 speed mod was because it is much easier to do than trying to work out something for the higher gears where a general (spendy hassle) reworking of the entire gearing range might come into play because of the case clearances.
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