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I appreciate ya┤ll letting me stay there.

Man, it's a travesty that a guy that rode from Alaska to Suriname has the word "n00b" underneath his name on ADVRider.

Well, my sunburn still hurt but I got impatient waiting for it to heal. It did give me an excuse to hang in a hammock for 2 straight days though

I got up, crawled in my jacket, and headed south. In one day I went from Poptun in Guatemala to a little before the southern border of Honduras.

Honduras is BEAUTIFUL. It reminds me of western Canada. Really. The mountains are covered in pine trees. The roads are incredible. This is the first time that I┤ve really enjoyed the riding in Central America. It was almost cold out. Twisty roads. Amazing scenery.

I took loads of pics with my mega camera that I canĘt upload photos from. The only reason I got the pics of the monkeys on here was because LeviĘs laptop had a slot for the SD card. Hopefully IĘll get Űm on here tomorrow.

I stopped at a hotel a little before dark. 70 dollars US So I kept riding. It got dark and riding at night in America Central is a big no-no. I kept riding. What choice did I have?

Then it started raining-HARD. I climbed in the Frog Toggs. Then I hit mountains, and dirt roads from construction. The only way I felt safe was to go 30mph with my flood lights on. So, I turned on the patience and slowly made my way through the storm to a hotel. It was probably the most danger I┤ve been in on the trip yet.

The next day I crossed the border into Nicaragua. Took me 3 hours and every scrap of money I had.

When I bought the bike it was white. I painted it green but never thought to get a new title. A few of the border crossings have given me a hassle about it but nothing major. Nicaragua would not let me in because of it. No kidding. How stupid is that?

I bribed the lady that does the paperwork. Another 10 bucks. A few kids were helping me get through the border and they said to make sure that the police dont see the actual title.

2 hours later the kids said everything was good. I tried to give them some money but I was almost broke. I had pesos, quetzales, limperas, belizean dollars--you name it. But all of it together was worth maybe 4 bucks. No banks at the border crossing. Wonderful. So I gave them what I had and the army of kids camped out around my bike made mean faces at me when I told them I had no money and couldn┤t give them any. I guess they thought I was lying.

So, off and running! I hop on the bike, got 20 yards and hear a whistle blowing and a cop running at me waving his arms. poop!

He wants paperwork. He wants my title. Dang. He doesn┤t notice the color thing but he hits me up for a bribe anyways. I was so happy to open up my wallet and say "No tengo dinero!" That┤s one crooked cop that won┤t rob me. I finally get straightened out and he waves me on.

I get another 20 yards and think they┤re finally going to raise the gate for me. Some other guy waves me over and tells me to turn the bike off. What now?!

The kids had given me these little colored pieces of paper the size of quarters. I had no idea what they were. Glad I didn┤t lose Úm cuz they won┤t open the gate without them. He takes my colored paper and I finally ride into Nicaragua absolutely penniless.

I burned across Nicaragua to Managua. I could┤ve made it to the border but I didn┤t want a repeat of last night. I should be able to make it into Costa Rica tomorrow.
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