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It's not an ADVenture if...

something doesn't go wrong.

My Royal Enfield 350 Bullet has decided the journey is over. Bad "CDI", or coil, will not allow it it to start - ever - until replaced. The bad news, Srinigar, Kashmir is not a big Enfield town like Delhi. No part means bike on truck, Mike on Van-Bus-Cab 18 hour marathon to get back to CJ's place. As we speak, he and Sharad are riding back on their 500's, will arrive tomorrow.

To say this trip has been amazing is a HUGE understatement. I never thought I could hurt so much on a bike, or have such awe inspiring moments on a bike. Like riding up these passes, putting my left foot down while stopped for a passing truck - then realizing 4 inches further would be a 3 THOUSAND foot drop!!!! Long days riding in that terrain stretches your endurance, concentration, and desire. You REALLY have to want to keep going. A couple days I wanted to park it and camp, but that's not possible up there.

Before Chris and Sharad get back, I want to say a couple things.
Chris's inspiration and joy are what kept me going. He is one of the most giving and supportive people I've known and deserves every bit of credit coming to him. His and Richa's willingness to put me up, put up with me, with open arms and smiles has been unbelievably comforting. They will always have an open door to my home - no question.
Sharad, will never know how much it means to me that he stuck by me when it got tough. He helped me learn the Enfield's unique operation, offered advice on riding here in India that kept me out of ditches and Tata grills (more to come about this subject). When the 350's death rattled started, all the lights went out. We had to cross a lower pass (12k-13k ft) into Kargil and Sharad rode by my side giving me light to see. If you don't think this would be difficult, ride blindfolded on a 1.5 lane road with a couple thousand feet drop on one side - see how it works. Sharad saved my life in my opinion.

They'll be bringing all the photo's and their thoughts tomorrow, this is just my update - this is gonna be good!

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