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Day 4 - Kapuskasing to Gogama - June 23, 2009

We had to drive on some pavement from Kapuskasing to Smooth Rock Falls to get on the trail to Gogama. On the way we passed Moonbeam, Ontario.

The sand roads were nice and it was scorching hot and sunny.

We take a break after long stretches of deep sand where the best tactic was to keep accelerating until you were going way too fast.

Then we got into some old abandoned snowmobile trails. Lots of dead fall, but way too much fun!


Lot's of black flies but the dragon flies came to the rescue.

We're forced to stop because the bridge is out.

We need some of Lord Maciek's giant orange flotation condoms.

The water is too deep and fast to cross.

It wasn't a hardship to retrace our steps down that wonderful trail.
On to an intersection in the middle of nowhere to meet the Driver for much needed gas and refreshments.

Yeah baby - ice cold.

We don't need no steenkin' bug spray!

Then we headed down the old EB Eddy Road. 50km of winding, hilly dirt road with old forest and lakes and nobody else. Pure heaven. Too bad it only lasted half an hour.

Lots of smiles.

We arrive in Gogama. I believe that was the top speed for the trip. We only broke the speed limit in the dirt.
Lot's of time to admire the view and have some cocktails.

Morin's Resort in Gogama. Highly recommended.

The Joker is up to his old tricks. No one can resist. Good times.

Believe it or not, this guy is a teetotaler. He's just incapacitated by homour.

Italian nail file.

Somebody must have had more than one.

Did you say Rum?

Philly steak at Ruby's in Gogama. Highly recommended.

The poutine was good too.

And the apple pie was worth waiting for.

The Driver not driving because only The Talker is completely sober.

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