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Judiaann is in Portland for a week so I'm a bachelor which means today was a big day at the shop. I've had trouble getting over there to work as the five miles can take 2 hours if the traffic is bad - of course if I had a motorcycle it would take 15 minutes...

I wanted to put in a solid day and actually see some progress to encourage me. Earlier in the week I'd put the frame on the engine after putting in new steering head bearings:

This was good. The bike is finally sitting on it's own shiny new center stand. Today I thought I needed to make it look more like a bike so I'd feel like I had the beginnings of a motorcycle. I started with the swingarm which got new guards and bearings:

I then mounted that and started work on the quagmire at the front of the bike; the battery box, relays, and the oil tank. Of course after I mounted the battery box I remembered I had a new fuel pump - two actually as I'd gotten a Facet too but it looked like a hassle to mount and rewire and I decided to put that off for another day and keep the momentum and just replace it with the new stock one I had on the shelf. Then I saw I had a new pushrod for the clutch and thought I'd look into that. The great part of this board is that I don't really use shop manuals any more I just search the archives - in this case Pyndon's thread. I'm glad I replaced this - it's crazy how much it's worn:

From Pyndon's thread to Cyborg's on sealing the rims. I'd used silicon for years but hated how thick it had to be and was excited to try Cyborgs method as I'm always glad to see an improvement to an idea. Here's his method: Here's the link to Cyborg's rim sealing.

So I went back and forth all day from the rim to the parts. Here's the first nipple sealed with the Seal All - looks good:

I did two coats but the stuff seams to bubble up as it dries which is strange but Cyborg mentions small bubbles are okay - I hope so:

By this time I'd done the whole wheel so I'm going to hope for the best and add the GOOP tomorrow and then let it sit for a day or so and by then my new Conti Attack will be here and I'll see if it worked. I'm looking forward to getting a 170/60-17 on that new rim.

So I got the radiator and subframe mounted as well and I'm beginning to run out of clean parts but that's okay because this is now starting to look like a very clean new bike - the basic shape is there:

This is important in these sort of projects and partly why my Rickman has been so neglected - it's just a pile of parts which is too overwhelming to deal with so you put it off. While there's a ton left to do I can now see it all coming together and it's looking good:

I'm hoping to have it together by the end of the week but that might be unrealistic as there are some backordered parts I'm waiting on and there's a lot still to clean. The wiring harness might take a day to sort, clean and reinstall and I'm not looking forward to it but that's okay because I almost have a motorcycle again.

I just need a rear tire and another day and I'll have a roller! Once I get stalled I'll clean up the mess but today was all about making some progress.

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