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Jesses and another criteria for judging

Originally Posted by RedHawk47
I have expanded my list of the pannier system specs I have collected for the F800GS and F650GS to include price and weight. Because I am obsessing on the width issue I have also included my calculation of liters capacity per inch of width. Most manufacturers don't publish the weight:

35.25” MotoSport w/26L cases, 52L total, $960, 1.48 L/in
40.25: MotoSport w/37L cases, 74L total $960, 1.84 L/in
39” Caribou 35L cases, 70L total, $770, 33 lbs, 1.79L/in
40” Caribou 36L on SW Motec EVO racks, 72L total, $788.46, 32 lbs, 1.80 L/in
40.1” Touratech 29L+35L cases, 64L total, $1190, 1.60 L/in
40.8” Touratech 34L+41L cases, 75L total, $1699, 1.84 L/in
36” HappyTrail 61L total, cliff cut (other sizes/widths available), $823+/-, 1.69 L/in typical
33” Jesse 8” Safari 68L total, $1250, 2.06 L/in
37” Jesse 10” Odyssey 90 total, $1150, 2.43 L/in
36.2” BMW Vario, collapsed, 47L total, 1.30 L/in
40.6” BMW Vario, expanded, 67L total, $?, 1.65 L/in
42.5” BMW Aluminum , 82L total, $?, 1.93 L/in
?? Metal Mule, 38L cases, 76L total, $2250 including muffler required for narrower width.

Jesse’s are definitely the winner on liters per inch of width.

If you have more info on these systems or other systems please post to this thread or PM me.
Not a surprise about Jesses actually, another issue is the hinged lid versus completely removable and also geometry. Any of the rectangular will likely be repairable in the event of a spill. I will tell you I low sided on my 1150GS A after cresting an off camber turn that had a nice big dip in it that let bike momentarily unload the suspension, and yeah I was riding too fast. I low sided but bike came about and flopped onto other side, both TT bags were impacted and both were damaged and both were straightened out and reusable. Not sure that you can do that with all of the choices, some for sure you can not. I would always factor in durability in my decision.Rich
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