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I'm interested in how this turns out ... regarding both resolution to issue and how the dealer handles this overall (were you credited the extra $ charged at 600 mi service?).

I was riding above Boulder all weekend w/out issue. I did notice a slight hesitation at one light back in Denver, but no stalling. My canister has been removed and I only have a bit over 1,000 mi fwiw .... best of luck with resolution.

Originally Posted by theproscloset
So, a little bit of an update.....

Had it towed (yeah BMW road side assist!) into the dealer, Lakewood BMW/Triumph, and they got it right in.

They saw the problem straight away and basically don't know what is up. They have been calling into BMW NA and telling them the issues and they respond with what testes need to be done to figure out what the issues were. It has had 4 days of test and they still do not know why it stalls. Most likely something to do with fuel pressure, but they are not sure.

So, it's a total bummer because it's summer time, beautiful in the Front Range and my wife and buddies are all riding and camping without me.

At what point do I say enough is enough and ask for a different bike? It always makes me nervous when a bike that is so new has issues that no one can figure out.....
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