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Day 3 from Denver

Here we go with Day 3 from Denver. (Trailace and Jkrup47 had a longer trip)
After my Medano meltdown. I slept like a baby with my earplugs in. When I woke up Josh informed me that I got some poetic justice on the noisy neighbors with my loud snoring. He said he heard them say "It sounds like a dying grizzly bear"
But seriously, I already knew it was going to be a good day because I woke up to this....

We hit the road, a long ass straight road out of The Great Sand Box and we rode and rode and rode in what seemed like the world's longest straight line.

Finally some curves, and then soon we were at Monarch Pass. 11,317 ASL. Ooh, I got high with a little help from my friends.

Something old to go with something new...Old Monarch Pass

Another couple of "Postcard Shots"

Now on to Black Sage Pass. We are all starting to get a bit hungry and dehydrated at this point and we all had a headache for some reason or is that...wait, could it be altitude sickness?

These roads were easy riding and very easy on the eyes. What an awesome day!

We made it! Black Sage Pass. Hey!!! I'm trying to take your darn picture!

That's Better. Say Cheeeese.

What comes up must come down one way or another. So here we go.

On our way up Wuanita Pass I remembered being there before with my Dad on a hunting trip when I was about 12 or so. Looks a lot different without the snow. I could spend days in this area alone. I must go back with my girls and camp.

Flingshot was here!

We went through the town of Pitkin Colorado and I immediately wanted to move in. What a great little town. I guess I was so interested in the sites I forgot to take some pics.

If you stopped every time you see something like this, you would never get any riding done but sometimes I just couldn't resist and had to hit the skids.

Put that camera away Flingshot, let's go!
I wanted to see the Alpine Tunnel so I stopped them and talked them into a "route deviation"

Saw this old water tank that was restored by a Jeep club. Nice job guys!
Wait, do I see something in my wheel?

It turns out, I forgot to fasten my cooler strap (or it came undone) and it was flopping around waiting for the right moment to turn itself into an emergency brake and send me over the bars.

Later down the road we spied this old section of train tracks. Cool stuff. Makes you wonder who rode through here and where they were going.

As always with this trip the road started to climb and get more challenging after every turn. Me likey.

Josh by this time was getting pretty comfortable on these roads but he was still fighting the altitude like the rest of us.

The right hand 3/4 of this picture is awsome.

We made it to The Alpine Tunnel! This is what is left of an old engine house.

Here is the telegraph office.

Some of the wire insulators are still there. Obviously it has been somewhat restored.

I'll bet that room was nice and cozy.

More tracks that went to who knows where with who knows who on the train hauling who knows what. Sweet.

Here is a turntable that they used to turn the engines around. Thats what I love about the human race. We can figure out how to do just about anything if we try.

I'll give you a quarter if you can find the Badger. I forgot to zoom in.

Here is (or was) the tunnel. You see it kind of caved in and it's not really a tunnel anymore is it. Oh well the road up was a blast.

Trailace is a pretty good shot. That snowball almost got me.

On the way back down.

Going up I saw this huge wall. Drystacked stone, no morter and it's still there. Going down we stopped at this sign with facts about the wall. (Disclaimer: not one illegal Mexican was needed in the making of this wall)
Those were the days.

I decided a shot or two over the edge was appropriate.

Darn, I wish I would have brought my hiking boots and a fly rod.

These old structures peppered the area. This one was right on the road so we had to get off and check it out.

There's a front page photo if I ever saw one but I am biased I guess.

Cumberland pass was busy. Lots of quads and dirtbikes. The best thing is there was compete families out there riding. Little boys and girls on 50s and 70s. Awesome!

I'm not sure but I think that dog is waving at me.

Stomaches growling, heads throbbing, bladders bursting, we pull into Tincup.

Some pics on the fly.

Another cool church.

Darn it. That's not a working gas pump.
Hey, nice bumper Earl.

Oh well, let's eat. Frenchy's is OPEN!

These bikes did everything we asked of them on this ride and they waited so patiently while we ate.

I should be a photographer. Whatever floats your sinks it.

Hey small fry.

Ok, two things I dont get about ride reports. One is the ADV salute and the other is taking pictures of our food. I did it and then wondered why is it that we feel compelled to show off what we ate. Oh well this will be the last food pic. You'll just have to use your imagination.

Thank God for indoor plumbing.

We thought we would immediately feel better after we ate but the headache was still there. Poor Josh seemed to have it the worst. Even living at close to 6000 ft I was feeling the altitude after 3 days. Rick and Josh came from basically sea level to over 10k and stayed there for most of the trip.
But the show must go on.
Cottonwood Pass was next and a great ride up. It was also pretty busy. In fact there was this one particular asshat driving a Ford truck that thought he needed to take his half out of the middle and push us out to the edge just to be a jerk. I don't know what you have against motorcycles sir but I would like the chance to meet you again some day.

That was the last pass for the day. Let's camp! But not before we ride to Twin Lakes.

This campground was full but we got a nice shot of this river from the bridge going in.

Ah, Home Sweet Home, at least for tonight.

Lucked out again. We Forest Gumped ourselves right into this camp spot. Perfect!

Thankfully, Josh is intent on having a fire so we went off in search of firewood. We came back with armfulls of small twigs and fallen branches. Meanwhile Trailace scores this big monster tree trunk. Now that's a fire!

The ants that lived in that log were pissed. Later they would mount an attack on Trailace's foot.

Pic of the whole camp.

What can I say. An unbelievable day of riding and camping. I learned so much, my riding got better each day and the freindships grew. It just doesn't get any better. (Or maybe it does)

Chime in and let us know what you think of our ride so far. Stay tuned for day 4.
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