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went/going through the same thing...

I have an '03 640 Adventure with similar symptoms. When I first got it, the thing rarely got above 3 bars. A few months later (& to the present) it hits 6-7 bars & I've had the temp light come on a couple times.

I tried water wetter & Engine Ice and, if anything, it made it worse! Deionized water & Motorex coolant seems to be the deal - water wetter doesn't seem to affect anything too much - can't recommend Engine Ice - at least for this application.

Here's the interesting thing - I'm in the somewhat-unique position of having had 2 separate IMOs in my 640 within the 1st year. The first computer rarely went above 3 bars and never went above 4 the whole time it was in. The second computer runs at 3-4 bars on highway & will jump to 5 at stop lights on a regular basis. I pulled the thermostate & water pump - both good. No air in system (checked bleed hole near spark plug), flushed system 3 or 4 times & tried different coolants...

These computers seem to be calibrated differently!

I'm also thinking the 640s (& the 950s from the reports I hear) are fairly succeptable to weather/temperature changes. My bike rarely went over 3 bars in winter, in summer I find it at 4-7 bars a lot - though in Southern CA there's not a huge difference in summer/winter weather...
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