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Originally Posted by NCStephen
Gee guys, yall make we want to get vertical!

I just got home. Can you say S P E C T A C U L A R riding weather up there on the BRP? I knew you could. Low humidity, low temps, perfectly clear air so you could see for MILES AND MILES (y'all flatlanders ask someone from the hills what that means ) and very little traffic. It even was considerate enough to get really heavily overcast a few times right over me so that I actually felt COLD a few times.

In the process I snagged a few new TAG photos but have to decide if I want one of those or one somewhere new. We'll see soon.

The post I made above was from a very weak cell signal. After I eat I'll edit the post with a few more pictures and some information about the site. Yeah, I was having so much fun riding I never stopped for lunch.
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