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Lewis and Clark Book available.

"The Lewis and Clark Trail, Today"

This book is the only publication that has ever documented the daily travels and GPS coordinates of the Lewis and Clark Trail. The CD PDF book provides 870+ pages of detail descriptions of the day-by-day travels of the Lewis and Clark Trail and over 1,000 photos of their campsites. Each day of their travels is listed with the “Date”, “Main Events of the day” and a picture of most of the campsites and sites they described in their Journals. Every know mile of their travels are provided with a Map showing the way. The book includes paperless map images that can be printed or even better, looked at on an IPad or laptop from your vehicle or motorcycle, making for a very convenient travel tool. Being in a PDF you can search for any subject by simply entering the "word".

The book was recently presented at the Smithsonian Natural History - Western History Trail Museum and been displayed at numerous Lewis and Clark Intrepretive Museums across the country.

From the list of over 1,000 GPS coordinates, click any campsite and select the view option in EasyGPS and the items connect to Bling to display a satellite, road map, or 3-Dimentional view of the actual site. The GPS coordinates are of the entire Lewis and Clark Trail and can be selected and downloaded to almost any GPS units. (Requires EasyGPS, FREE off the internet.)

Anyone with the desire to follow the entire Lewis and Clark Trail or just a small part of it will find this tool invaluable. If you simply want to see the Trail, the “View” option will allow you to sit at your desk and view the satellite images of the roads, trails, mountains, and rivers of what many feel was the most significant adventure in America’s history.

Typical page from the book:

US Map of the Lewis and Clark Trail:

Maps of the trail and campsites are provided for display on an Ipad, netbook or laptop during travels.

GPS coorinates of campsites and other sites mentioned in their Journals for downloading to a GPS Unit.

Lemhi Pass: (over 1,000 photographs within the text of the book.

Lemhi Pass: The 3D view of the GPS coordinates provides a scenic aerial view of this amazing dirt road that traverses the Pass into Idaho.

Lewis’ first contact with the Shoshoi tribe: This actual site has been debated for 200 years but the GPS coordinates provide strong evidence of where the actual site is located on Lemhi Pass Road.

Museums along the Trail: The GPS coordinates include not only campsites but other significant sites, museums, rock formations, etc along the Trail.

Clark’s Overlook Rock: The GPS coordinates take you to the exact foot steps of this towering rock formation. The only site where Lewis and Clark became lost from each other.

Lolo Summit: Without doubt the most challenging portion of the Lewis and Clark travels was the Lolo Trail across the Bitterroot Mountains of Idaho. GPS coordinates lead you to each campsite for a hike.

Bear Oil and Root camp: History books discuss this campsite but finding it is a challenge. The Lolo Trail portion of the GPS coordinates take you off Idaho Forest Road 500 to the actual sites of their camps.

First Idaho campsite: After 52,000+ miles of traveling the trail the author found this site this past summer, definitely off the beaten path.

Piramid Rock Road: (Yep, misspelled of Pyramid but the name remains) Many sites are simply geological formations mentioned in the Lewis and Clark Journals. Some of these sites would be very difficult to find without months of research and travel, without the GPS coordinates.

Fort Clatsop: Their final destination, an amazingly scenic site along the Columbia River to the Pacific.

Clark’s gravesite in St Louis: Many GPS coordinates simply compliment the history of one’s travels of the trail. If you are not traveling the trail the GPS coordinates will still allow you to magnify the site and do an aerial view (with GoogleMap or Bling) of the gravesite or campsite.

This new book, "The Lewis and Clark Trail, Today"

Combines modern day longitude and latitude GPS coordinates of the entire westward as well as the Return (Eastward) travels. Each day is documented not only with the with the activities of the day, and when known, turn-by-turn driving directions that accompany the coordinates.

The Lewis and Clark Trail, Today. $49.95

The book is available on a CD but when ordered the book we can sent as a DropBox email right to your PC or Ipad in a matter of minutes. GPS coorinates are shipped on a CD so you can easily download the GPS /GPX files to most any GPS unit OR SD card for convenient travels.

To order email

We will email you a PayPal Invoice almost immediately and DropBox the book to you as soon as the PayPal is paid. So you can be enjoying the book today. GPS coordinates are normally mailed within 24 hours. All proceeds from book sales are used to continue the documentation of the Lewis & Clark Trail.

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