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Originally Posted by Flanny
I get about 350kms out of a tank.

I'd like to get about 500kms, so I'd need about another 10 litres under the seat.
ok peeps im a welding contractor and i machine stuff on my mill and lathe when i get paid too .... having said this bryan {flanny} knows of my intrest in the rallye bike theory ...... my biggest setback is getting a curved mark that radiused bigger radiator ......... everything else can be made heres is a break down of stuff to get ahold of its not to hard and might speed up a wintertime project

first off the 2 into one needs to be a tuned exhaust that means on a 75 degree motor that you have do the math inbetween ehaust pulses so that the lengths coming off each exhaust port allow for proper flow i can break out the calculator and do this later .......... intially for ease we would take and call aircone and get mild steel mandrel bends in 1.5 inch and a 2 into one collector that goes 1.5 1.5 to 2 inch ............ we could remove the exhaust flanges and bead blast off the chrome and start there and fab back to the 2 into one ......... where the split is i would make it slip fit with springs so we could remove our piece of art and work on that gorgeous motor we have
ok we are back to the 2 inch side of the union here we stop cause we need to think subframe / rear tanks and skidplate

skidplate hindsight is like bryan says modify the one side and make it out of carbon kevalar ...... when working with this stuff remember the ambient tempature in your work area needs to be at least 70 degrees or you will wait for days for it to cure even using more hardner ...... releasing agent , rubber molds and that stuff to hold your rubber molds shape on the opposite side { i use great stuff foam from the home depot works great just dont get epoxy on it } this is art work stuff to there are some web pages for us do it ourselfers that we can read and learn how to do carbonfiber kevalar epoxy work materials for building just about everything you could want on your bike is about 250 usd ...... just takes time and whatever you can dream up

rear tanks ........... im kinda biased here i want the elkamet tanks designed for the 950 rallye made out of polymeade ??? they have the cut out to acess the rear shock ......... now with that said ktm will tell you that they are not available ......... someone over in italy help us out i will buy these tanks i really dont care what they cost i want them ..... the only way to get these would to be in the inner circle at ktm put it this way scott harden told me that he could not get them for his bike so i guess you have to be the ceo's friend at ktm ????
option b hand form rear aluminum tanks made out of 120 wall aluminum a bit heavy but definately stronger than 90 thousnth material 6061 so its machinable and weldable
you would need to make the new subframe at the same time ...... along with an oil coller and relocating the dry sump and battery under the seat .....

ok know you guys know why the "works" rallye bikes cost alot from 30k to 100k can be spent on one of those machines

if anyone has a lead on a radiator maker out there that does radius radiator like we have on our 950s lemme know ...... if i can get one of those built or even just a usable core that i can fab the side tanks too out of aluminum i will start making a rallye bike
otherwise i just fell im doing something half azzed and ill just ride my the crap outta my modded 950s

early bird mods since last year november
sun rims akras live carbs 45/16 handmade barrisers my own blanking plates rallye auxillary fan reworked forks highr bars akra crash bars for pipes {jesse bag mounts :) }

projects in the work emigs new stuff in orange on the way , reienforced factory skidplate with more alum and carbon fiber , modified crashbars to fit tanks saddle bags too so i can footrests for my alaska trip in july

these are just my thoughts please share yours

you know what i ride or you will learn

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